Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2, 2009

Well, it's time the world heard about my crazy dog. Okay, he is quite famous in some circles. Hiya Dogster pals!
Spike is an eleven year old German Shorthaired Pointer or GSP for short. The GSP was bred for hunting but I also think they were bred to teach patience to their owners. They are smart and stubborn...a deadly combination when you are trying to teach them who's Top Dog! We have finally come to an understanding I'm the boss, when he let's me. ;)

So today we went out to the dam, one of the places I take him to run. In the winter they lock the gates but plow the laneway so it's easy walking. The only problem is that they don't let you park in front of the gates. We only go here if the roads are clear ot else we'll end up putting the truck in the ditch.

We ran into a new dog and his owner stole Spike's ball. He claimed that his dog would think it was his. When he tried to throw it for Spike the dog growled at Spike. Spike was offended so the guy handed the ball to me and all was right with the world again.

We don't have a lot of snow around here right now but here's some pics from last year to show that we do indeed have snow!

Needless to say.....Spike LOVES the snow!


Deb said...

Spike is a dog with personality plus! On Dogster he's a ladies man. Simply put...the bitches love him but Mollie's his girl and soon they will be together again by the kissing bridge ;)

SpikesMom said...

We can't wait to see you and Mollie, Deb. Are you up for the walk for Guide Dogs this year? Hint, hint. LOL!

gtyyup said...

Hey ya SpikesMom!!! So good to see ya here.

Yes, I've got three pups. Abby's the oldest; 10 now. She's an Australian Cattle Dog/English Setter mix...runs 100 miles an hour everywhere with her nose on the ground!

I'd say she's single, spayed, and aloof. LOL!

I feel like I've been you know where I spend most of my time ;~)

Cloud's mom is here too:

You must have missed the thread in the DH about Cloud's mom's blog...that's when Laura (Banners & Talker) started our blogs!

I'm following ya so I'll keep up with all the latest Spikey news!!!

Tracey said...

Dogs are so funny in snow, aren't they? I used to raise goldens and when we had deep snow like that, they'd tunnel beneath it and I'd be afraid I'd lose them and that the snow would cave in and I wouldn't see them til spring :)

sista' moonshine said...

Hi Spike and Mom!!! I don't know how my two would do in the snow, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to Spike's romping around.

Main said...

Yay! Another cool dog-blog to follow!

Love the pics from last year!