Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8,2009

The sky was a lovely shade of blue.

Yet there was still shade. I love the shadows!

Today Spike and I went to the Kissing Bridge Trail. It's named that because the trail runs near the West Montrose Covered Bridge...the last standing covered bridge in Ontario. Since the bridge was covered, couples could kiss without being seen.;) We have a lot of Mennonites in the area so I suppose they still use it as intended

It was a beautiful day. It's rare to have sunny days in winter around here. Spike had a good time as usual.

Someone has been "painting" dead trees as an artistic statement, I guess.


gtyyup said...

Beautiful up there Deb! I bet Spikey had a great romp. So, they painted a dead tree red? That's a lil' strange...

Main said...

Great pics, deb!

Don't you just love painted red dead trees?! ;-)


SpikesMom said...

We have a few painted dead trees around town but a couple fell down by now.

Alyssa said...

Winter is so beautiful up by you! It's a shame it has to be so cold! LOL!!!